Baader 182

Baader 182
This machine is used for heading and filleting ungutted cod, saithe, haddock from abt. 27-40 cm (=300-650g) as well as whiting and hake from abt. 30 – 45 cm (=300 – 800g) and Alaska Pollack from abt. 32-52cm (?320-1,200g) with extremely high efficiency. Electronic measuring and control systems make for exact cuts and high yield for all fish sizes. The machine can be adjusted to the different types of fish via simple switches. The BAADER 182 produces standard filets as well as pinboneless products. Automatic fillet transfer to a skinning machine BAADER 52.
Two operators place the individual fish onto trays of the feed conveyor. Each fish is measured and thereafter individually controlled and guided through the cutting stations.
The straight head cut is performed at an angle according to the shape of the trays. A tail cutting knife removes the protruding tail end.

Electronic fish control:  The heart of the machine is the electronic control centre. This unit is enclosed in a gas- and watertight box which is mounted at a waterprotected place in the machine housing for double protection. The fish size measurements taken of each individual fish are processed by a computer to the data required to guide the cutting tools.
The computer is programmed to the average ratio of head length of belly cavfy to the girth of the fish. Dials are provided for adjustment of the ratios to take care of differences in fish species.

The operators of the machine can very easily adjust the machine without use of any tools or detailed knowledge of the machine.
Fish species: Cod, Saithe, Haddock, Whiting, Hake, Alaska Pollack and Hoki
Working range: 27 – 52 cm (depending on species)
Throughput rate: 120 fish/min  (throughput rate of the machine at  100fish/min and a yield of 27% of fillet without skin from ungutted Alaska Pollack)
Operator: 2 persons
Water consumption: abt. 40 I/min.
Power consumption: 6 kW
Dimensions: 182 heading unit: 3200 x 900 x 1600 mm 182 filleting unit: 3400 x 1400 x 2080 mm
Weight :182 heading unit: net abt. 450 kg gross abt. 530 kg  182 filleting unit:  net abt. 1,050 kg

BAADER 182 is combinable with BAADER 52