Baader 189

Condition: Overhauled

The Baader 189 machine processes gutted and headed cod, saithe, haddock and hake by a system proved for many years giving a high yield. Fish with an overall length of 40-85 cm (=0,6-4,5 kg gutted and with head) may be loaded on to the machine after heading. For fish with the collar bones left on after heading an additional collar bone cutter can be supplied (optional equipment).

Operator requirements 1 person
Capacity 24-34 fish/min steplessly variable
Power Requirements 3 kW
Water consumtion approx. 15 l/min
Dimensions approx. 3,70×1,50×2,00 m
Approx. 4,30×1,50×2,00 m (with lugg cutter)
Weight net. approx. 1060 kg
With accessories net. approx. 1650 kg