Baader 190

White fish filleting machine BAADER 190
The BAADER 190 fillets white fish with a high yield. It cuts the usual standard fillets or boneless fillets.A pin bone cutter is arranged between the filleting tools.
This can be additionally connected and then makes a V-cut according to the size of the fish.
The fish bone pieces leave the machine separately. Gutted and headed fish are processed and are taken from a supply trough.
The two fillets leave the machine via an outlet conveyor belt.
We recommend to wash the fish before filleting.

Operation: One person to feed the machine.
Output: 40 to 60 fishes/min., depending on the size of fish.

Application: Filleting cod, saithe, haddock, hake and white fish of similar bone structure
Size range: 33 to 70 cm total fish length including head and tail fins.
Power requirement: Dimensions of the machine: 4,5 kW

The machine is laid out for the above mentioned size range and throughput rate.
However, since the proportions and the quality of the fish ( season, fishing round, degree of freshness, etc.)
may have in influence on the indicated ranges, these can vary in prac­tise.
Live fish and those having rigor mortis cannot be processed.
Dimensions of the machine:
Length: 5750 mm
Width: 1200 mm
Height: 2025 mm
Weight of machine: 1640 Kg