Breivik 003

Breivik 003 Knife sharpening machine

The Breivik 003 can sharpen knives from 120 to 400mm. Three high quality grinding stones overlap to sharpen the knives perfectly.
Knives mounted on the machine will automatically center between the grinding stones for the optimal sharpening.
Stones may be adjusted closer as wear occurs after some use.
When using this knife sharpener one must adjust the top unit for each knife diameter, this operation is quick and easy as the knife sizes are marked
on the side of the top end with a scale from 120 to 400mm.
A water tray for wetting the grindstones when sharpening is also supplied, this tray is also removable for cleaning.
A stainless steel construction ensures a long lifetime.

Operators: 1 person
Power consumption: 0,7 kW
Length: 620 mm
Width: 380 mm
Height: 590 mm

Weight of machine: 35 Kg