Yield Optimizer II

BREIVIK YOPT II is a retrofit conversion kit for Baader 190 which provides:

  • Higher yield and less downtime for repairs
  • Increased control over pinbone and flank cut tools
  • More accurate height measuring and belly length measuring
  • Fish log
  • Adjustable transport speed 50% – 120%
  • Speed corrected average calculation
  • Large frequence deviation tolerance; 380V-480V, 50Hz-60Hz
  • Touch screen control
  • Up to 75 fish per minute
  • Possibility for remote assistance via Internet

Power requirement 3,2 kW


Customers with BREIVIK YOPT II

F/Tr. “Granit”

F/Tr. “Ramoen”

M/Tr. “Østerfjord”

F/Tr. “Langøy”

F/Tr. “Sisimiut”

F/Tr. “Enniberg”

F/Tr. “Vasiliy Golovnin”

M/V  “Kalam”

M/V “Blanket”

M/V “Gruper”

F/Tr. “Mys Korsakova”

F/Tr. “Emeraude” 

F/Tr. “Mys Gvozdeva”