Baader 162

BAADER 162 is a combined gutting and heading machine, which, when desired,  also may be supplied without the heading device.
When the fish is gutted rapidly after caught the end product is ameliorated, due to better bleeding.
Fish, which has been throat cut manually may also be processed. The fish is sprinkled by spray nozzles during the gutting process.
Due to this the fish is clean when leaving the machine.

Processing throat cut and non throat cut fish.
The machine may be supplied with or without heading device. When extant, the, heading device may easily be disconnected.
The collar bones as well as the pectoral fin remain on the fish body when the fish is headed.
If the fish is not to be processed in a fillet­ing machine this has to be provided with a collar bone cutter.

When processing klipfish we recommend manual throat cutting.
A higher klipfish quality is achieved, if the throat plate at the throat cutter is used.

Size range: 50 to 90 cm total fish length including  head and tail fin or fish  up to a weight of  5,5 kg ungutted and including head according to what kind of fish is to be processed.

Operating personnel: One person to insert the fish into the machine.
Output: 28 fish/min
Power requirements: Machine with heading device 3,00 kW
Dimensions of the machine:
Length: 1750 mm
Width: 1650 mm
Height: 2200 mm

Weight of machine: 965 Kg