Baader 51

The BAADER 51 is a skinning machine for fillets cut from white fish, blue whiting, halibut and red fish.
This machine seizes the skin without initial cut from the tail end, i.e. right where the skin begins.
This results in a higher yield. The sliver glaze remains on the fillet.

Method of operation:
The fillet is placed on the fillet feed belt skin downward and tail ahead. The fillets can be placed in any order.
Only for pollack ( saithe) experiences have proved that these particular fillets should be placed just in one line.
The fillets are led from the fillet feed belt over the transfer cylinder, the skin cylinder toward the knife.
The stop bar secures perfect in-draw of the tail between the knife and the skin cylinder.
The stop ledge opens only to release the knife blade when the tail is safely introduced.
Underneath of the skin cylinder the skin scraper cylinder takes the skin and throws it away over the skin discharge chute.

Technical specifications:
Size range: Usable widt,h of feed belt: 380 mm
The fillets can be placed on the belt optionally side by side.
Capacity: Between 50 and 160 fillets per minute, depending on the fillet size and the operator’s skill.
Power consumption: 1,5 kW
Length: 1980 mm
Width: 780 mm
Height: 1130 mm

Weight of machine: 280 Kg.