Baader 697

Baader 697 Bone separator

The capacity of this separator lies between thoseof the Baader 694 and 699, from which it was developed to provide even greater reliability and ease of operation. The input side of this model has been redesigned to accept coarser raw material,such as bones, and to permit more convenient feeding.
Raw material retract between high-elastic clamping band and steel perforated drum circling together and go through brief pressing operation.
Hard, big and agglutinate parts stay outside the drum but softened parts are pushed inside the drum through the holes.
The Baader 697 combines the advantages of outstanding quality, ease of maintenance, robust construction and perfect hygiene of the other
Baader separators. Its design is based on long-term experience. Only high-grade materials are used in its construction.

Capacity: 1200 kg/hour
Power consumption: 3 kW
Dimensions: 1,60 x 0,90 x 1,10 m
Weight: 435kg