Baader 699

The Baader 699 uses the same principle as the Baader 694 and 697 but with a much higher throughput. It is a further development of Baader 695. The raw material is submited to a brief pressing operation between an elastic belt and a perforated drum. Hard, big and agglutinate parts stay outside the drum but softened parts are pushed inside.

The speed is infinitely variable up to twice the normal speed. The belt pressure is controlled by a hydraulic system. Pressure and speed indicators allow correct adjustment of the machine to different raw material.

The one side mounting of drum and rollers allows quick disassembly and easy cleaning of all parts.

The machine is constructed of high grade materials, is hygienic and corrosion resistant.

Capacity: 1800-3000 kg/hour

Power consumption: 5,5 kW

Length  1500mm
Width:  1500mm
Height: 1700mm

Weight : 1395kg